Vape Batteries Ensure That Its Users Are Safe And Reliable

- Oct 20, 2017-

The Vape Batteries can be considered the "brain" of the battery pack, primarily responsible for protecting the battery from working in a safe state. The main electric energy storage technology of electric vehicle is lithium ion battery. Lightweight, high-energy density, low self-discharge and memory effects have been applied to the ideal solution for EV and PHEV. However, they face a key design problem.

Batteries are similar to small bombs, and batteries need to be tightly managed to ensure the safety and reliability of their users. The charging and discharging of the battery is accomplished by the chemical reaction which cannot be detected, in the process, the heat plays a fundamental role; as we all know, when the heat increases, the conductor resistance increases, whereas the resistance decreases.

Electricity is like water, when sealed, it is silent, not flowing; Once a pathway is present, it flows through the least-obstructed path.

Similarly using water as an analogy, the cell unit is seen as a reservoir for supplying water to the city's water supply network. In each reservoir inlet and outlet position of the regulating valve used to regulate water pressure, to ensure that the low pressure can be given to all the reservoir, high pressure can not rise broken water pipe.

In order to regulate the energy flow of the cell unit, each cell unit is equipped with two field-effect tubes, respectively, for charging and discharging control switches to select charging or discharging according to the battery's charge state, voltage and temperature conditions. The Vape Batteries uses pulses to open and close these FET tubes. Therefore, a high isolation transformer is required to isolate the control circuit power part.

Vape Batteries is responsible for monitoring the voltage status of each battery, to avoid excessive pressure or undervoltage, causing the battery to cause thermal breakdown failure. Therefore, it is crucial to maintain the consistency of the cell voltage, and the Vape Batteries adjusts the inconsistent battery cell with the balanced charging technique. In order to achieve balanced charging, the BMS system uses sensors to detect the fluctuation of the voltage of each cell and to determine whether the battery voltage is within the standard range through the collected voltage signals. Precision Electronic PA4334 series inductor, can complete the voltage collection work.

Another important energy management function of the Vape Batteries is to determine the charge state (SOC) of the battery, to ensure that all batteries are evenly discharged and to prevent discharge below the threshold voltage, resulting in a permanent reduction in their capacity. The Vape Batteries receives the remaining power of each cell by means of communication and carries out the Coulomb calculation. In order to ensure the timely and accurate transmission of data, it is very important to ensure the security of communication system and anti-jamming performance of electronic devices.

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