Vape Batteries Degree Of Softness And Toughness Will Be Relatively Improved

- Aug 10, 2017-

Solar modules are mainly composed of glass, Vape Batteries, package material, back film, aluminum alloy frame and junction box. The packaging materials (mainly EVA plastic film), back film (mainly including fluorine film and pet thick film) are used in different chemical components of the film products. At present, the global photovoltaic Eva film and back film market capacity of nearly 15.5 billion yuan, the industry gross margin of more than 30%, at present, the domestic rate of the market segments are less than 50%.

Eva: Eva is a plastic material consisting of ethylene (E) and vinyl acetate (VA). The ratio of these two chemical substances can be adjusted to meet different application needs, the higher the content of vinyl acetate (VA content), the greater the transparency, softness and tenacity.

Fluorine film: At present, the laminating membrane mainly uses PVF (polyethylene), PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride), ETFE (ethylene-tetrafluoroethylene copolymer). The coated dorsal membrane is PVDF, FEVE (Tetrafluoroethylene or trichloroethylene and vinyl ether copolymer).

PV Back Film production technology: Solar cell back film traditional production process through the adhesive fluorine film and pet substrate bonding composite, become a membrane film back. As the main raw material required for laminating membrane membrane is monopolized by a few foreign fluorine-chemical enterprises,Vape Batteries such as 2010 DuPont Tedlar brand PVF Film occupies 40% of the film market of the global solar cell membrane production.

In addition, the production technology of high quality adhesive for laminating membrane is also mastered by a few enterprises in Europe and America, so China's laminating production enterprises generally lack the core technology of mould making, and the production cost is higher. For technical reasons, at present, PVF or PVDF products such as fluorine film is still in the United States DuPont, France Arkema (Arkema),Vape Batteries such as the hands of a few foreign enterprises, market supply tension and high prices, while applicable to fluorine film and pet bonding of high-quality adhesive production technology for a few foreign manufacturers control, higher prices.

Coating-type back-film mainly to Feve, PVDF as the main resin for the preparation of fluorocarbon coatings, using a special coating and pet film through the chemical bond synthesis membrane, this kind of product integration degree is high, the weather resistance performance is outstanding,Vape Batteries has broken through the foreign minority enterprise to the fluorine membrane and the adhesive monopoly, realizes the solar cell back film production low cost high quality request, its cost is about TPT laminating membrane type back membrane 50%.

A transparent solar cell back film, which consists of weathering layer, the bonding layer, the electrical insulating layer and the bonding layer compose and each layer is integrated, wherein the bonding layer is coated on a surface of the electrical insulating layer, and the bonding layer is coated on another surface of the electrical insulating layer, and the weathering layer is compounded in the outer surface of the bonding layer. The invention has the advantages of simple structure, low cost,Vape Batteries high interlayer bonding strength, good electrical insulating property, and can guarantee the service life of the solar cell module for 25 years, and can be widely used in PV building integration (BIPV), double-sided photovoltaic power generation components, etc.

Back film is used in the back of solar modules, direct contact with the external environment of large-scale photovoltaic packaging materials, it should have excellent resistance to long-term aging (hot and humid, dry heat, ultraviolet), electrical insulation,Vape Batteries water vapor barrier and other properties. Therefore, the back film in anti-aging, resistance to insulation, water vapor and other aspects to meet the solar module 25 years of environmental test, the packaging component raw materials, protection of solar modules, isolating the confluence of the role.

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