Box Mod Need To Keep Improving

- Aug 10, 2017-

In the light module and chip demand for a large background, the industry boom. The demand for optical modules increases with the increase of interconnection between data centers and internal switch connections. 2015 IDC Optical module market growth of about 50%, to 2019 IDC Optical module sales will exceed 50 million. The future 4K video,Box Mod virtual reality and other technologies bring more and more traffic growth than expected,Box Mod network construction and system upgrading of optical devices and high-end chips in the growing demand.

Optical devices and chips are the core technology competitiveness of optical communication enterprises, especially the optical communication chip. And our country optical devices and chip enterprise overall strength is weaker, the product mainly concentrates in the low-end domain,Box Mod at the rate of 10G above the active device and 100G optical module also needs to break through.

Domestic chip supply demand situation will continue. China optical device manufacturers generally small size, weak power, it is difficult to bear the high-end devices and chip high research and development costs. Few manufacturers who can develop high-end chips also face the risk of a core patent being monopolized abroad. Even at the lower threshold of the access network market,Box Mod its chips are also difficult to self-sufficiency, the need to purchase outside.

At the chip level still rely mainly on foreign chip manufacturers. With the continuous occurrence of mergers and acquisitions, in the acquisition of the power to grasp the voice of the international manufacturers once the chip supply, fear will not be the core chip technology of domestic devices, module manufacturers to bring components of the risk of broken goods, no doubt, domestic independent chip research and development will help to reduce this risk. In the domestic optical communications industry has emerged a group of independent research and development capabilities of enterprises. 

10G products are still the main source of profit at this stage. First of all, although the chip will gradually to 25G, 100G advance, but at this stage the world's many countries and regions 10G Network has not been laid. Second, the 4G network is still under construction, 4.5G began to advance. 10G Optical module is the core part of 4G/4.5G Base Station and transmission equipment. 10G chip market demand is still strong. Finally, some enterprises to develop high-end chips at a loss, its commercial value can not be reflected,Box Mod or will be lost in the competition. At present, can really achieve profitability is still traditional 10G, 2.5G chip.

The optical module consists of a optoelectronic device, a function circuit and an optical interface, and the optoelectronic devices include both the transmitting and receiving parts. The transmitting part is: input a certain rate of electrical signal through the internal driving chip processing after the drive semiconductor laser (LD) or light-emitting diode (LED) to emit the corresponding rate of modulated light signal,Box Mod the internal light power automatic control circuit, so that the output of the power of the light signal to maintain stability. The receiving part is: the optical signal input module of a certain rate is converted into an electrical signal by a light detector diode. An electrical signal that outputs the corresponding code rate after the preamplifier.

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