What Is Water Pipes? Any Difference With Dry Pipe

- Jun 20, 2018-

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Just add water! Water pipes include a variety of different pipe styles including bongs, rigs, bubblers, and spubblers.

Used for centuries, the water pipes use a water filtration system creating a smoother smoking experience. On the contrary, dry pipes, do not use any water and have no filtration for your smoke.

Some water pipes provide additional filtration by adding percolators or diffusers for an even smoother smoke. In addition, you can use chilled water or add ice to some water pipes for the coolest smoking session.

Some of the most popular water pipes are bongs, which are typically used for dry materials, and rigs that are used for oils and concentrates. However bubblers and spubblers are designed more for personal use and offer a smaller, more portable size. No matter the water pipe you're looking for, we offer water pipes to fit any lifestyle.

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