Tips For Choosing A Glass Bong

- Jun 20, 2018-

Are you looking for a new glass bong? You cannot go wrong with glass, and the best thing is that you can choose from a broad range of options currently on the market. In fact, glass is a good material when it comes to smoking implements. Thus, every glass piece has several advantages over pipes, which are made of other materials. You can get glass bongs for sale at cheap prices. The following are some of the things you need to consider.



This is the first thing you need to take into account when purchasing a glass bong. Some are pocket-sized units meant to offer ultimate portability. They can slip into the purse or pocket and be taken to any place you want. However, you should be careful that they do not bump against hard surfaces and break.

Some bongs are quite large and are difficult to carry with you anywhere you go. Large and complicated bongs have several features that make them suitable for home use. Moreover, they can be kept at home safely.


When it comes to features, you need to think how simple or complicated your bong should be. Some people are comfortable with simple and straightforward ones that get the job done easily. On the other hand, others prefer complex ones that come with a lot of features. A lot of people strike a balance between functionality and form. They opt for a bong that performs basic functions but also looks good for display. You should note that the risk of damage increases with more complicated your glass bong is. It is advisable to go for one that gets the job one and does not have many whistles and bells.


You need to take into account number of chambers. One with several chambers means that smoke is filtered well. This provides you with a pleasant and clean smoke. There are others that allow you to place ice on different pathways or chambers. This means that smoke is cooled well before you inhale it.


This is the same case as far as accessories are concerned. Some units come with a broad range of features and add-ons that can improve your smoking experience. Some of them include ice catchers, percs, and ash basins. As much as they can help you smoke efficiently, you can get a satisfying smoke without such features. It is advisable to choose a simple route. This means that few parts will get lost and break. Moreover, you will not spend a fortune on them.

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