Glass Bong VS Silicone Bong

- Jun 20, 2018-


Investing in a bong is a major step towards enhancing your lifestyle as a smoker. Not only  the bong is a great culturally relevant tool for smoking. But a bong is also a way to make a statement about your sense of style and personality. There are a variety of bongs on the market that vary in style, material, shape, and size, all providing unique experiences and there are two types in particular that currently stand out: glass bongs and silicone bongs.

Let’s take a look at each one; analyze the benefits, price points, and drawbacks so that you can choose one that’s just right for you!


Glass Bongs

The glass bong is the OG of all bongs; a classic and notable smoke accessory with an impressive history. Stylistically, glass bongs are best known and recognized for their artistic designs. They also provide the most high-quality smoke experience, and we highly recommend investing in at least one of these pipes for your collection.


Glass Water Pipe Benefits

High-Quality Smoke

Smoking with glass products gives you a high-quality smoke experience with no unwanted flavors and lingering tastes. With water bongs, smoke is easier to inhale and many toxins are removed by the water filtration (also known as tar removal). They are a quick and easy alternative to rolling and smoking papers; smoother, and healthier as well.


Glass bongs are decorated with some of the most creative, artistic designs. There are artists who specialize specifically in glass pipe art from adding colorful paintings to classic shaped-bongs, to creating entirely new bong shapes in the form of things like animals and fruit. When shopping for glass bongs, you’re bound to find tons of designs to love.


More expensive than other types of bongs, the glass bong should be considered somewhat of an investment for your lifestyle as a smoker. Prices vary by size and design, starting at about $20, but a good quality piece can range anywhere between $50 to over $1000.


There are a few drawbacks to glass bongs. The first is that they are fragile and break easily, so they are not recommended for outside use or travel. Another is that they can be difficult to clean. With the aforementioned “tar removal” capabilities, comes a sticky build up inside of the glass bong.


Silicone Bongs

A newer style of pipe is the silicone bong, and it’s serving the glass products some real competition. Silicone bongs are usually designed in neon and colorful psychedelic swirls with some brands even offering customizable options for purchase. From a smoker’s point of view, the quality is not as great as the glass bong. But it sure is an awesome alternative!

Benefits of Using Silicone Pipes


Accident-proof and durable, silicone bongs can travel with you everywhere you go (great for music festivals, camping trips, and outdoor retreats). They are flexible and able to bend to fit in different places without having to worry about cracks and breakages. You can drop a silicone bong on the floor without having your heart drop with it — it’s almost completely unbreakable!

Easy to Clean

Silicone bongs are much easier to clean compared to glass bongs. You can bend the bong throughout the cleaning process and can do it successfully without having to worry about it shattering into pieces.


Silicone bongs are quite affordable, ranging from $50 to $80. For the quality and the value this type of bong provides, it’s worth the purchase!


A disadvantage of using a silicone bong is that there is a mild plastic flavor regardless of how well you clean it before use. Also in comparison to the glass bong, the smoke is much harsher during inhalation (which isn’t always a terrible thing depending upon personal preference).


Conclusion: Glass vs. Silicone Pipes

Key points to remember about what differentiates these two types of bongs is that the glass bong is the go-to classic for a high-quality smoke, while the silicone bong is the newer, more durable and affordable option. Glass bongs are great for an easy in-home smoking experience, also available in classy designs to complement your home décor.And silicone bongs can travel with you all over the world; ideal for wanderers.

When it comes to usage, both are great and get the job done! Glass and silicone bongs are available at reasonable price points and can make for great gifts as well. We recommend considering a glass bong for your first purchase and then purchasing a silicone bong as a backup/alternative — both are worth the investment.   

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