Difference Between Hemp CBD and Marijuana CBD

- Sep 08, 2018-

What's The Difference Between CBD From Hemp and CBD From Marijuana?

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What’s the difference between CBD oil derived from hemp and CBD derived from marijuana? Why would you want to choose one over the other? Let’s take a look.


What are Cannabinoids?

First, let’s start by pointing out that CBD and THC are the two most well known of a group of around 80 different compounds called cannabinoids which are found in the cannabis plant. THC and CBD are very similar molecules, but the slight difference between them creates a big difference in effect. THC is the one that gets people stoned. CBD has many of the same and similar effects as THC, but CBD does not get you stoned.

Here’s how it works...

The human body has a vast endocannabinoid system. It responds to changes in the body and produces a type of cannabinoids called endocannabinoids which fit into receptors in cells throughout the body, especially the major organs, signaling them to regulate a number of aspects of health including appetite, memory, mood, pain, metabolism, blood flow, and immune response. Cannabis contains a group of compounds very similar to endocannabinoids called phytocannabinoids (cannabinoids made by plants) which mimic the actions of our own natural cannabinoids.


About The Cannabis Plant

Cannabis contains around eighty different cannabinoids. Most of them are produced in extremely small quantities. Cannabis produces flowers which contain up to 28% cannabinoid content. The various cannabinoids can appear in different concentrations and ratios, depending on the strain of cannabis. For instance, strains which produce flowers that are high in THC are generally referred to as marijuana. On the other hand, strains that produce flowers which are high in CBD, with negligible amounts of THC are generally referred to as hemp. To be legal in the United States, hemp farmers are allowed to only cultivate hemp strains that contain less than 0.3% THC.By extracting the essential oils from a cannabis plant, one can produce an oil with the same proportions of cannabinoids as that plant. Oil extracted from 'marijuana' strains will be high in THC and oil extracted from 'hemp' extracts will be pretty much devoid of THC but have much more CBD. Therein lies the big difference with hemp oil-based CBD—it won’t get you high.


There is actually no difference in the chemical makeup of CBD derived from hemp or marijuana. CBD is CBD. It’s just one compound found in cannabis extracts. Even still, it’s far more cost-effective to extract CBD from hemp, as hemp is high in CBD, has virtually no THC, and is cheaper to grow—not to mention it’s not illegal to do so, which can be the case with marijuana.

Why Choose One Over the Other?

The next question, now that we know the difference between the two, is why choose one over the other? Which is better, hemp CBD oil, or cannabis oil made with marijuana? That depends.

First, because hemp oil is less tightly regulated than marijuana oil, it's less expensive.

Secondly, cannabis oils made from marijuana can only be sold within the state in which they are manufactured, meaning you're limited to the producers within your home state. In most of those situations, it's available only to patients who qualify for a medical marijuana card. (Unless recreational use is legal in that state, which is only a few states. Then anyone of age can buy cannabis oil.) Hemp extract, on the other hand, is simply considered a food product like any other plant extract—like vanilla extract, for example. For that reason, it can be sold to anyone anywhere in the country. Keep in mind that a majority of states with medical marijuana programs only allow low-THC products or CBD-only products.

Another factor involved in making that choice—if you have a choice—is the medical potential of each, for you. This is an individual decision. Some patients fare better with a product that contains both THC and CBD, while others might only need CBD. Additionally, THC, because of the buzz, may not be an option for some people. Those patients will have to stick with CBD oil from hemp.


So here are your choices:

If you’re in a state with no medical marijuana program, you are limited to CBD oil derived from hemp.

 If you’re in a state with a CBD-only program, you are limited to CBD oil from hemp. We’ve got you covered there too.

If you are in a state with a low-THC medical marijuana program, you have a choice between hemp CBD oil or a cannabis oil with some small amount of THC in it. If you don’t need or want the THC, then we’ve got you covered there too.

If you are in a full-blown medical marijuana state, or a state that allows recreational use, you have a wider variety of choices. Again, if you don’t need or want the THC, that’s right, we’ve got you covered.

So, as you can see, for most people, hemp CBD will be the best choice. It’s less expensive and just as effective for many ailments. Most people who use CBD aren’t sick at all. In fact, they feel pretty good. They use CBD simply to maintain good health.

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